Compliance, Auditing, Assessments

Compliance, Auditing, Assessments

Everybody accepts that for tax purposes you need to do ‘tedious’ bookkeeping and have to keep your receipts. But what about being compliant for privacy and data protection?

As the main theme of the GDPR is accountability, every day we see companies struggling on what they must do to become compliant with the GDPR. Implementing the GDPR is the same as change management. Therefore becoming compliant with the GDPR is just like a journey, with a start and destination.

Our tools are very cost-effective and supports a couple functions:

  1. 100% overview of your current situation (start or baseline)
  2. Guidance by clear measures to take to improve compliance
  3. Monitors your improvement in becoming compliant
  4. Shows your status regarding compliance with the GDPR

Proofing accountability is difficult?

From our perspective a short answer: NO. Implementing the GDPR and becoming compliant is important. Staying compliant is even more important. When using our tools on a regular basis, you can show in an objective way your current state and your improvements . Due to its objective nature these are excellent tools for documenting your track record on improvement and helps you to proof your accountability as well.


Privacy Deep Scan

  • Objective scan of 28 topics covering your organization
  • > 1600 data points
  • Focus: continuous improvement
  • Privacy Maturity Matrix (PMI)®
  • AVG/GDPR Compliance Matrix
  • Extensive report (>50 pages) with explicit actions for improvement


Privacy Compliance Scan

  • Objective scan covering the AVG/GDPR
  • > 400 data points
  • Focus: exact determination of compliance
  • Overview of potential risks
  • AVG/GDPR Compliance Matrix
  • Extensive report (>20 pages) with explicit actions for improvement

  • Special label with focus on education market
  • 3 packages, tailored for the educational market
  • optional: myPrivacyOfficer®, parttime DPO
  • diverse options for coaching/support
  • GDPR training
  • reseller of myPrivacySolutions products

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